Welcome to the Nerds With Real Lives


The Nerds With Real Lives Guild was a non-profit organization comprised of enthusiasts who enjoied gaming, nerd culture, tech, do-it-yourself projects, long-winded debates, and much more. We worked to coordinate public events with a primary focus to bring together community members through activities relating to nerd-culture in the Snoqualmie Valley and surrounding area.

In early 2018 the Guild dispanded and the non-profit was closed. We all still enjoy promoting nerd culture and you can find many of us at Seattle area conventions. Over the years we've made many amazing memories together and wanted to keep a public archive. You can find links to event photo galleries and timelapse videos on the events page.

There are no plans to revive the Guild, but our members are always up to something and we'll share those projects below.


Two members created the Pokemon Go PvP podcast Battle Science.